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Yogini~Goddess DeTox at LifeCo

At : TURKEY: Bodrum | When : 27th July - 2nd August 2019

Are you ready to commit to your inner radiance?  Is it time for a cleanse? To detox body, emotions and mind? Join Monika in a renewing adventure at a world-class, excluslive, one-of-a-kind, luxurious wellness center in the heart of the Turkish Riviera.  

LifeCo is the leading center of holisitic detox, with programs catered to your discerning needs.  Monika will be holding daily classes, focusing on movement, yoga, meditation, sharing, ritual and sacred dance practices to support your journey to wellness and inner beauty.  July 27 - August 2, 2019.  Please book directly with LifeCo.  

This form of cleansing is hands down, one of the most revitalizing practices for the organs and overall physical equilibrium. Just as important, you will uncover inner peace and harmony, combined with new energy emerging.  A LifeCo cleanse sheds weight, years and light on integral healing. 

While the benefits are endless, a full fasting-herbal-colon cleanse is not without challenges.  Missing the sensation of eating, tiredness, purification reactions and purging negative vibrations -- all of this can arise in the process.  But if you are lucky enough to experience the cleanse at LifeCo Bodrum, what could be a pretty difficult week blossoms into a pampering, nurturing, five-star retreat.  You will be incredibly supported, inspired, and grateful you have made the commitment to honor your body and create a lifestyle of wellbeing.

Monika has personally engaged in seven, 7-day cleanses at LifeCo, plus many others in Thailand. She has also undertaken a generous amount of home cleansing, and has lectured and coached on this subject for more than a decade.  She knows the power of finding joy and levity through the process with movement, sharing, meditation, inquiry and self-care.  She's delighted to share her mystical insight during this week and to add a large dose of fun and laughter.

See you in the temple of health!  

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